94% of app developers use in-app adverts to monetise content

Anne Freier | December 23, 2019

App Business

A growing number of developers of free mobile apps are making use of in-app adverts, according to a new study by deltaDNA, the game marketing, and analytics company.

In 2019, 94% of developers used in-game ads to monetise their free apps, compared to 87% in 2018.

It’s clear that revenue from in-app ads is one way for freemium app developers to generate an income in an increasingly more competitive marketplace.

The study also found that 21% more developers made between 40% to 100% of their revenue from ads.

Rewarded video ads were among the most deployed, with usage rates growing to 82% from 65% in 2018. Rewarded ads offer a more attractive value proposition for gamers who earn points, cash or other in-game rewards for watching video ads.

Interstitial deployment rates rose to 57% followed by banners (34%).

Playable ads weren’t quite as popular and feel to 19% from 21% in the previous year.

DeltaDNA also noted that developers are showing in-game ads more frequently than in previous years (30% in 2019, up from 20% in 2018).

Ad-free developers are now fairly rare at just 10%.

A whopping 64% of app developers said that ads were an “important monetisation opportunity” in 2019 – up from 59% in 2018. Only 15% of developers believe that ads could scare off players.

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