9 out of 10 app users want in-app customer service features

Andy Boxall | February 1, 2016

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In Contact Solutions latest paper, The Digital Disconnect, research shows that more than 90% of the 1,004 people surveyed would prefer to have an in-app customer service. However, 95% of apps offer alternative systems that require exiting the app entirely.

According to Contact Solutions, this highlights that while companies are providing multiple ways for customers to engage, they aren’t investing in those that are preferred. It says this is, “a rare opportunity to cut costs while simultaneously improving customer experience, engagement, and loyalty,” due to mobile, social, and messaging services costing less than phone or email customer service options.

Contact Solutions research shows that in-app mobile customer services options are the overwhelming preference for users

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A massive 75% of app users would prefer to have in-app customer service features because they reduce time and hassle, and although 53% will use email to communicate with businesses, less than half that number actually prefers to do so. Worse still, half that number expect it to be the worst customer service experience option available.

The data collected also states that customers want a seamless customer service experience. For 53%, the ability to switch between service options without having to repeat information or start again, would see them spend more money. Additionally, 90% said they be more loyal to a brand that provided the right customer support features.

To download the complete Digital Disconnect paper, visit Contact Solutions website here.

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