85% of marketers expect their mobile location budget to increase

pinpoint, the location mobile advertising network owned by Trinity Mirror, has just published new research that highlights the power of mobile location. Based on the answers of 150+ of its mobile marketing clients, the Big Mobile Location Survey 2016 found that the majority of advertisers are already utilising mobile location data. 72% are currently using location-based mobile targeting features, whilst 21% have plans to do so shortly.
Majority of marketers on board with location-based mobile marketing 
Source: pinpoint-targeting.co.uk
However, almost a third of respondents believe location mobile data isn’t being used to full potential just yet. 25% are seeing the primary benefits in the ability to capture audiences at the right time and place. 85% expect spending to increase, whilst over 14% predict their spending to more than double before 2019.
Mobile location spend going up
Source: pinpoint-targeting.co.uk
Satisfaction with overall mobile advertising ROI isn’t quite so positive. A mere 11% were ‘very satisfied’ with the return on their investment from mobile ads, whilst 52% said they were ‘quite satisfied’ and another 34% remained on the fence. However, just 2% were actually dissatisfied.
Satisfaction with mobile ROI has to improve
Source: pinpoint-targeting.co.uk
67% of respondents agreed that ad blocking was a major threat to the mobile advertising industry. Another 72% believe that mobile advertising will be more important than desktop ads in 2016 already.
Cross-channel attribution is a barrier for increasing spend on mobile for over half of respondents (53%).
92% also agreed that mobile ads could be much more engaging and creative. Almost half of marketers view location targeting as one of the most exciting smartphone opportunities in mobile advertising.
Mobile ad perceptions
Source: pinpoint-targeting.co.uk
Discussing the challenges of the mobile market, 65% of mobile marketers agree that finding the right audience at the correct scale is an issue and another 56% would spend more on location if they were more confident in the quality of location data. However, almost half of advertisers think location is of vital importance and 86% are interested in serving location-based mobile ads via channels such as native push mechanics and publisher apps.
Generally the research found that media agencies are embracing mobile location (84%) more than marketers (60%).

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