81% of travellers aren’t impressed with hotel apps

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A large percentage of individuals don’t know hotels offer apps, but demand for services accessed through a mobile app is considerable, according to a survey carried out by Qikserve. While two thirds of people used mobile devices for travel, 81% indicated they either didn’t know a hotel app existed, or those that did were left disappointed by what was on offer.

Qikserve shows hotel apps need to improve

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Breaking down the results, Qikserve states 44% of those questioned were unaware a dedicated hotel app was available. Those that did use a hotel app weren’t happy with the experience, with 21% saying the app was “behind the times,” and 17% stating it lacked functionality.

Daniel Rodgers, Qikserve’s CEO, said:


“Many hotels have made significant investments in developing mobile apps, so in some cases this lack of knowledge may be just down to poor promotion, but low adoption could also be because apps aren’t covering the range of functionality for them to become habit-forming for guests, or that they aren’t integrated well. The consequences of getting it wrong will be damaging to the hotel brand and result in lost customers – especially Millennials or Generation Z, many of whom expect a high level of mobile service from the brands they choose to use.”

Hotel visitors want more functionality from apps

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Over 70% wanted the ability to book a stay, check in or out, and access hotel information through an app. Other feature requests include ordering drinks or food ahead of time, book different hotel services, manage digital entertainment systems, or to receive special offers.

Qikserve, a company that specialises in mobile order and payment systems, surveyed 155 travellers, 88% of whom stayed in hotels when travelling, with 97% regularly doing so for pleasure, and 57`% for business.

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