81% of mobile users dislike app pop-up advertising

A whopping 80% of people do not like pre-roll advertising, according to an Internet Trends presentation by Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers and Mary Meeker.
And that’s not all. In fact, even slightly more people (81%) dislike mobile app pop-up ads.
Whilst online advertising growth is undoubtedly driven by mobile, not all ad formats are disliked. Mobile app rewarded formats scored much lower with just 32% not in favour of them. Pre-roll ads that can be skipped are also seen in a more positive light by half of respondents.
However, another growing reason for concern is the increasing usage of ad blockers, which appears to be sharply rising among mobile users.

The report also revealed that ever more advertisers are relying and demanding targeting that is based on actual data. That’s hardly surprising given the higher rates of success in reaching consumers who may have expressed previous interest in a product or happen to be near a store when they receive a voucher code.
In addition, targeting based on user images and photos is also proving to be a success for Snap.

The report further noted that advertisers are still spending 12% of their budget on print and just 21% on mobile, when consumers are actually spending 28% of their time viewing media on mobile devices. Mobile advertising now presents a $16 billion opportunity.

You can check out the full report here.

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