81% of consumers prefer seeing adverts on desktops compared to smartphones

Just 41% of consumers may actually trust the adverts they are shown, a survey by Choozle, the programmatic self-service platform, has found. In addition, just 54% think the ads they see are accurate.
The survey, conducted in April, asked 270 consumers on their attitudes towards digital advertising. Though initially more people answered, over half were disqualified due to not owning a smartphone or using an ad blocker.
According to the survey, consumers complained of feeling negatively towards online digital advertising (34%). Another 50% admitted to harbouring negative emotions in relation to mobile ads, whilst 81% prefer to view adverts on a computer as opposed to smartphones.
Only 41% of consumers actually clicked on ads, whilst 19% said they clicked on every one out of 10 ads they see.
Among the top reasons why people dislike ads are slow page loads (28%), repeat ads or wrong targeting (26%) as well as the space they capture across a webpage (22%).
Additionally, the survey found that a majority of consumers (78%) aren’t aware of what programmatic advertising is. Among those claiming to know, just 17% gave a correct definition.
Choozle also found that 53% of respondents are now using an ad blocker. Of those, 62% are aged 30-44 years, whilst 47% are above the age of 60. Ad blocking is a worryingly increasing trend as audiences have begun to seek a less interrupted online experience. The solution seems straightforward: advertisers will have to ensure the experience is neither intrusive nor pointless, dare I even say inspiring, to the end consumer.
By providing clear and engaging content that is better targeted, advertisers can take measures to try and halt the growing ad blocking phenomenon.

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