80% of social marketers use Facebook


Social media provides an important platform for marketers to engage with audiences directly. According to a survey of 400 marketers by G2, Facebook was the most popular choice of social media for marketers with 80% of respondents using the network.

This is largely due to Facebook boasting an audience of over 2.2 billion active users. Meanwhile, YouTube has around 330 million users. However, just 43.5% of marketers used the video platform as part of their marketing strategies.

Facebook also provides a large range of targeting and measurement options which make it easier to adjust and assess campaign success. Marketers also chose Facebook as the most impactful ad option (27%).

Subsidiary Instagram ranked second highest with 61.2% of marketers using the photo app. According to previous research 2.2% of Instagram users are interacting with ads compared to just 0.22% on Facebook.

Advertising on Instagram provides a very similar experience in terms of options to that of parent Facebook, which may explain why the majority of marketers are using the channel.

Twitter and YouTube ranked in third and fourth spot according to the survey. Meanwhile, platforms such as LinkedIn, Snapchat and Pinterest which boast much smaller audiences were less likely to be used by marketers.

However, these platforms provide niche audiences that can help drive engagement for specific clients and brands and thus should not be overlooked.

60% of marketers said they were using Facebook Messenger to stay in touch with consumers and provide answers to questions.

Just 34% of respondents used Facebook Live despite the live video streaming feature being touted to become a big success.

Facebook Groups were used by 24.1% of marketers.

Meanwhile, Instagram features that respondents preferred to use included Stories (67.6%). Indeed, Stories has proven a very popular feature on the photo app, allowing posts to disappear within 24 hours.

One of the reasons why marketers are using Stories is to boost engagement in order for Instagram to showcase their page posts nearer the top of a user’s feed.

Indeed, the platform’s algorithm will rank posts from accounts with more engagement higher in a user’s feed. In other words, Stories helps marketers break the algorithm.

Half of marketers also used Sponsored Ads on Instagram.

Although just 20% of marketers are using Snapchat for their marketing needs, its Discover feature was popular among 65% of them.

Although it’s a fairly expensive option, Discover features have shown great success for publishers.

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