80% of app users won’t return if there’s a security breach, according to new research

Andy Boxall | November 18, 2015

App Development

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Bluebox Security has published some interesting data from a survey conducted into mobile app security, and says that 80% of consumers would abandon an app if it suffered from a security breach. However, consumers already using mobile apps are confident in the security offered, with 69% claiming to be “very confident” their preferred app won’t be hacked.

App developers surveyed by Bluebox don’t share the same level of trust, with 74% saying mobile apps are “moderately vulnerable to attack,” and 24% saying they are highly vulnerable. This lack of confidence continues, with half of the developer respondents saying they have rushed an app in order to release it, and 53% say a shortcut or temporary measure has been put into place to meet a target.

Bluebox Security has launched a new product for securing consumer facing apps

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Just 32% of developers said they wrote their own code for an app, while a massive 96% use third-party frameworks that “may or may not be safe,” according to the research. Bluebox Security has come up with a solution for businesses with consumer facing apps, that will help defend against security issues and detect threats. It’s launching Bluebox for Consumer Apps, which brings enterprise-grade security to apps available in Google Play or the iTunes App Store.

Pam Kostka, Bluebox Security’s CEO, said:


“Companies have underinvested in mobile security in a rush to become mobile first, and now the bill is due. With mobile threats being discovered almost daily, and enterprises losing control over consumer devices, it’s only a matter of time before a mobile hack is the root of the next major breach. Our goal is to enable businesses to have confidence in the security posture of the apps that they build and distribute. Our security and threat analytics are easily embedded with the click of a button, transforming any app into a self-protecting island that can intelligently defend itself in real-time when it is in a hostile environment or actively under attack.”

Bluebox for Consumer apps will be available in December, and more information has been shared on the company’s website here.

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