78% of US shoppers prefer mobile-enriched in-store shopping experience

Anne Freier | January 14, 2020

App Business

Mobile is enriching many areas of our lives – including the in-store shopping experience, according to new research.

A whopping 78% of US consumers told mobile software company Soti that retailers who installed mobile technology for shoppers and store staff provided a faster shopping experience. And in an era where time is becoming ever more valuable, providing a quick checkout is vital.

Nearly half (45%) of shoppers admitted that they preferred sales associates who used mobile devices for checkout rather than a cash register.

“Innovation in delivery is business-critical for retailers who want to effectively compete in the retail landscape that merges online and offline buying,” says Webber. “Whether it’s the ability to transparently track packages, reduce delivery times or improve last-mile delivery, we continue to remain excited about how mobility can support transportation and logistics to ultimately convert into increased customer loyalty and sales.”

Yet, mobile payments are slightly behind with just 11% of consumers saying they preferred them. Credit and debit cards are still the preferred payment method for 53% followed by cash (23%). Meanwhile, smartwatches are far from leaving a serious impression at just 4.7%.

The survey also highlighted that in-store shopping preferences for mobile technologies are similar across the pond. Shoppers in the UK, Sweden and Germany all preferred them.

Around 31% of global consumers admitted that they’re more likely to shop in stores where a better mobile experience is provided.

About one fifth (22%) are more likely to stay in-store longer and 19% would spend more money.

“As we enter 2020, retailers need to strike a delicate balance between innovation and privacy,” says Ryan Webber, Senior Vice President of Enterprise Mobility, SOTI. “Through this research, American consumers are more bullish than their European peers when it comes to personalization, but at the same time, all crave security. As retailers begin to stretch the limits of what’s possible, and test facial recognition technology and other IoT shopping solutions, privacy must remain in the forefront.”

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