78% of millennials will use a mobile shopping app this year

Andy Boxall | November 24, 2015

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In a survey, mobile media company Wanderful has shown smartphones and shopping apps are going to be the popular choice for millennials during this year’s holiday shopping season. The results show 92% will use a mobile device during a shopping trip, a number considerably higher than the 73% taken from all surveyed age groups.

Millennials are also more likely to use a dedicated shopping app, with 78% saying they would, compared to the 67% combined figure. Phones and apps will be used for price comparison, locating stores, and for finding local deals and relevant coupons.

However, before the shopping trip, computers are way ahead, with 70% saying it was their machine of choice when researching shopping trips, with only 16% using a phone. Tablets were even lower at just under 9%, with the iPad being the device used by 63% of those surveyed.

Wanderful Media’s survey shows phones and shopping apps will be popular with millennials this year

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Wanderful Media also looked into what people would do in return for a rebate. A total of 72% said they would use their phone to take a picture of a receipt and send it on, provided there was a rebate of $10 or less. 79% of millennials said they would do the same.

Unsurprisingly, the willingness dropped with the amount of money offered in return, but 56% of all shoppers would still photograph a receipt for $5 or less. Regarding push notifications with sales information 45% said they would be interested in receiving them, while 20% already do. This increased to 80% for millennials.

The complete report, which goes into more detail regarding retail shopping data, can be found here.

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