78% of consumers only keep up to five merchant apps on their smartphones

Anne Freier | October 16, 2019

App Business

Consumers prefer to keep fewer shopping apps on their smartphones than previously thought.

The majority (78%) of consumers hang on to just five or fewer shopping apps, according to research by Pymnts.com and LISNR.

That means retailers have relatively little time to persuade customers to hang onto their mobile apps.

Competition is heightened by the majority of consumers relying on eCommerce apps such as Amazon rather than apps by smaller single retailers. Six of the top 11 most-common apps are those by large retailers including Amazon, Walmart and Target.

Not all is lost though. Around 46% of consumers would be interested in using a retailer’s app if it allowed them to make payments for in-store goods. Consumers really hate waiting in line. By allowing them to jump the queue, brick-and-mortar stores could bolster app downloads.

Around 53% of consumers use retail apps whilst in-store to access coupons and payment options. But it’s not just the retailer’s own apps that tend to be used in-store – 15% of consumers are also using other retailer’s apps. Around 7% utilise third-party offers in-store.

There are various reasons for consumers to use mobile apps in-store, but the majority of respondents said that it was to improve the shopping experience. Payments are just a small part of that with 12% of respondents using merchant apps to pay for goods.

Millennials are the group with the heaviest app usage in-store and 59% of millennials would be happy to download future apps by merchants.

“Most consumers now expect to use their mobile devices in stores, and at least half aim to use apps when doing so. If they cannot use merchants’ own offerings, however, chances are they will turn to those provided by aggregators,” the report concludes.

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