75% won’t share branded hashtags on social media

Anne Freier | September 4, 2020

Mobile Advertising

Three-fourths (75%) of people are unlikely to share content on their social media channels that carries a branded hashtag from a company.

That’s according to research by Visual Objects which surveyed around 400 people on their views on branded content.

The study reveals that hashtag campaigns may be on the out. Once a popular marketing format, just 11% of people are now interacting with social media hashtag campaigns.

Instead, more users (40%) are reporting that they engaged with Stories on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat over the past few months.

Another 27% said they had viewed videos as livestreams and interacted with AR lenses and filters.

Almost a fifth are also likely to create their own videos to show how they use a product or business service.

When it comes to user-generated content that works, reviews were among the most effective with 26% saying they had reviewed a business on a third-party website.

And 25% also admitted to having engaged with customer reviews in the last month.

While getting customers to create content is a more cost-effective strategy for brands and marketers to boost their social presence, the findings of the survey highlight that efforts such as reviews work best.

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