70% of social referrals to retailers now coming from smartphones

Social channels are beginning to take on a more important role as the last channel consumers visit before heading to a retailer’s website.

According to data by Adobe Insights obtained by eMarketer, 70.5% of all social referrals in the US came from smartphone devices during Q1 2019. Social referrals on desktop and laptop made up the remainder.

The increase in smartphone social referrals demonstrates that consumers are not only active social network users, but are also beginning to use their mobile devices to shop more.

An estimated 115 million US consumers are likely to make a purchase using their smartphone devices this year, representing 58.9% of US digital buyers.

Another 193.3 million people are predicted to use their smartphones to search and compare products.

Facebook drove the largest number of eCommerce referrals at 80.4%, followed by Instagram (10.7%) and Pinterest (8.2%).

eMarketer predicts that 91.2% of Facebook users are now using their smartphones to access the platform in the US.

We are now also spending more time on our mobile devices (18.07 minutes per day) compared to desktops (5.31 minutes), further supporting the predictions.

Nearly half of social media time (44.8%) is now being spent on Facebook, but the network’s referral rate is almost double, which indicates that additional factors must play a role in Facebook having some of the highest usage rates.

Social networks including Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest have begun to significantly bolster their eCommerce experiences and implementations. In the future, it is likely that networks could contribute more heavily to actual purchases rather than just referrals.