70% of mobile marketers are now advertising via paid social and search

70% of marketers are now actively advertising on search and social channels. That’s according to a survey of 500 digital marketing managers from leading agencies and brands by Marin Software.
As consumers have shifted daily habits to mobile to conduct activities such as shopping, research or communication, marketers have followed this shift and are now boosting their ad budgets within social and search.
43% of marketers said they expected their mobile budgets to increase between 10%-30% in 2017. Another 34% are boosting their mobile search budgets by over 30%.

Mobile optimised approaches include location extensions to include a business name and address in Google text ads, as well as targeting of previous website visitors when they search for a product. Expanded text ads were also popular (40%) among marketers to enlarge text ad formats for mobile ads.

Among the leading challenges advertisers still associate with search and social advertising on mobile and desktop are replication of campaigns across search engines (37%), as well as a lack of support for paid search investments (31%). Lower conversion rates are also seen as a major challenge (25%).

Marin Software found that 42% of marketers identified content marketing as their top priority for 2017, followed by search (39%) and social media (30%).

Though voice search and virtual reality are both brand new formats, 5% of respondents indicated them as top priorities for this year.
Patrick Hutchison, Product Marketing Manager for Search at Marin Software, says:

“Marketers view each channel as important in its own right, but are finding new ways to coordinate them while shortening the learning curve for new technologies. This is an exciting time for forward-thinking marketers to tap into the opportunities and plan for future success.”

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