70% of brands employ personalised video ad strategies

Personalised video advertising strategies are utilised by over 70% of brands which rank in the top ten for personalisation or video efforts, according to research from SundaySky, the video marketing and personalisation company.

The company surveyed consumers on their satisfaction with brand efforts of 60 household brands within retail, travel, healthcare, telecommunications, insurance and financial services.

Overall, consumers rated personalisation efforts higher than video efforts by brands. Bank of America ranked highest for its personalisation efforts given its positive consumer experience across advertising and media channels.

Brands within the financial services sector had the highest personalisation scores, whilst travel rated highest for video given the wealth of video material from various destinations.

“Online video can serve digital business strategy professionals by increasing brand awareness, educating customers about products and services, and helping with lead generation, cross-selling, and upselling,” writes Nick Barber, Forrester analyst, in his April 2019 report Financial Services Firms Should Weave Online Video Into Every Customer Journey. “Specifically, video can… encourage customers to buy, … increase [their] satisfaction, [and] connect with [them] on an emotional level.”

The findings highlight that each strategy provides value to consumers and improves customer satisfaction whilst the combination of personalisation and video in the form of personalised video may provide the greatest lift of consumer satisfaction.

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