7 Tips for Facebook App Install Advertising

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Partner Post - Consumer Acquisition Consumer Acquisition Facebook & Instagram Mobile App Installs

Posted: March 21, 2016

Consumer Acquisition specializes in Facebook & Instagram user acquisition and mobile app installs. The company is a Certified Facebook API partner with a proprietary bid management platform. As an agency, Consumer Acquisition is fully transparent and built to work with internal teams. It’s generated over 40M app installs & 23.5M leads, sales and registrations from Facebook Specialties: gaming, e-commerce, entertainment, automotive and financial services.
Among its clients are Game Show Network, Publishers Clearing House, MachineZone, Ford.com, TrueCar.com, Perk, PlayStudios, Smule, ShopKick, FanDuel, Mobilityware, PlayDraft, Bills.com, Path.com, Real Networks, Blend, TheFind.com, SunBasket, Brilliant.co, Skylock and Find&Save.
By now, Facebook Ads have become yet another topic for the internet hype and claims that you may achieve quick and easy success with it are given left and right. Don’t let these claims fool yourself. Indeed, Facebook marketing does work really well, once you’ve learned how to do it properly. Consumer Acquisition takes a scientific approach to the advertising, and they’ve learned from trial-and-error, through hundreds of thousands of ad campaigns.
Making a wrong choice for Facebook Ad campaign creative materials is a frequent reason for an expensive failure. The smart strategy that best practices suggests is a systematic testing and reinvention.
Advertising on Facebook
To help you avoid doing many mistakes by going through trial-and-error path on your own, Consumer Acquisition shares some of the key things they’ve learned. To be on a safe side, it’s always wise to understand the rules and not rely on your luck. The white paper explains how advertising on Facebook is different from advertising in other media. You’ll be shown how to make solid creative choices.
So here are the seven tips you need to learn and remember, while you plan and run Facebook Ads campaign for your apps.
Tip #1: Facebook marketing works, when it’s DONE RIGHT, and traffic quality now rivals Google’s.
Tip #2: Choosing the right image is critical!
Tip #3: Photos: Why Stock Photos Aren’t the Answer
Tip #4: Optimizing Ad Copy Matters
Tip #5: Brand Boldly
Tip #6: Plan to Test & Fail More than You Succeed
Tip #7: Never Rest & Keep it Fresh
To learn more, get Consumer Acquisition full white paper on Facebook creative best practices.

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