68% of mobile gamers will play more during this holiday season

Anne Freier | November 25, 2019

Mobile Advertising

The holiday season is a great time to reach gamers on mobile devices as people sit back and enjoy plenty of free time to indulge in their favourite games. But it’s also a great time for app discovery.

So if you’ve been wondering how to reach gamers this holiday season, Tapjoy just released a new infographic that sheds light on different demographics and which types of ads can entice mobile gamers to make in-app purchases.

64% of gamers this holiday season are female with the majority (84%) aged between 18 to 44 years. 41% of respondents said they planned to play 3+ more hours per day during the season, whilst 68% plan to play more mobile games or the same during the holiday season.

Relaxing is a top reason why gamers are playing more this Christmas. Users are enjoying free time, and are also playing with family and friends.

During the season, gamers prefer to see shopping, entertainment, food & beverage adverts and ads for other apps. But the types of ads that sway gamers to make a purchase in-app are video ads, interactivity ads, rewarded ad formats and smaller banners.

Smartphones are taking centre stage for holiday shopping this year with 82% planning to make a purchase using mobile apps, with 58% planning to spend more than $250 on gifts this season.

Interesting, 72% said they planned to purchase a subscription box as a gift this year such as Netflix, Hulu and Apple Music.

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