68% of eCommerce marketers say Facebook and Instagram are most effective

Traffic to the top 100 websites worldwide jumped 8% in 2019 to 223 billion visits compared to 2018 and 12% compared to 2017.

That’s according to a new 2020 Digital Trends report by Similarweb.

The increase is driven by mobile web traffic which has jumped 30.6% since 2017.

The report found that around 60% of traffic to news sites was coming from mobile devices.

When it comes to categories such as gambling, dating and adult sites, mobile was first.

Shopping also saw huge gains with Amazon receiving 69% of traffic over the last three years increasing its monthly visitors by 126 million.

Alongside the rise in online shopping, paid search and display ads rose 1.6 percentage points. 68% of marketers in eCommerce and retail cited Facebook and Instagram ads as the most effective for brand awareness.

When it comes to influencer marketing, 77% of marketers said that Facebook and YouTube were the top channels and 26% consider both as part of their campaigns. TikTok is still relatively small when it comes to social networking app engagement, but it has already surpassed LinkedIn and Pinterest.

Around 84% of marketers said that paid search was the most effective channel for attracting users with high intent when it comes to travel bookings.

App-based financial transactions are also on the rise as more traditional banks are noticing a stagnation of usage whilst install rates for mobile only banks and app-based financial apps were up.

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