64% of UK mobile ad sales were programmatic in 2014

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According to a new study published by the Internet Advertising Bureau, in 2014 64% of mobile advertising sales in the UK were programmatic, a figure that covers both video and display inventory. This is almost double the figure recorded in 2013, when programmatic sales were responsible for only 37% of the total.
Tim Elkington, the IAB’s chief strategy officer, said:

“Programmatic’s role in digital ad buying has grown from virtually zero to nearly half of all transactions in just five years. However, the impact on mobile has been even greater due to its more fragmented ecosystem providing a ripe breeding ground for intermediaries.”

Programmatic spend accounts for 64% of UK mobile ad sales
The report also states that advertisers spent a considerable £2.13b on display ads on both mobile and desktop in 2014, 45% of which came from programmatic sales, a figure that once again saw an increase over 2013, when it was 28%. The increase in mobile and video advertising spend is likely to drive programmatic sales to around 80% by 2018, according to Elkington.

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