63% of push notifications are sent at the wrong time

Most push notifications are being sent and not opened, because they arrive at the wrong time, according to Leanplum’s research. It examined more than 671,500,000 push notifications sent during 2015, and found 63% were sent at a time when they were less likely to be opened. It has collected the data and found opportunities that aren’t being recognized.

Looking at North America, Leamplum saw push notification spikes first thing in the morning, at lunch time, mid-afternoon, and the evening. However, it recommends messages be sent between 6pm and 9pm, when engagement was at its highest.

At the weekend, this time changes, becoming between 4pm and 5pm, when engagement was high, but the amount of push notifications being sent was low. Most push notifications at the weekend were being sent in the morning and the afternoon.

Push notification times in EMEA

In the EMEA region, the ideal times differed, with push notification peaks seen between 9pm and 1am on weekdays. However, a gap between 6am and 8am where engagement was very high, but few apps took advantage of the space. At the weekend, a 9pm to 11pm space should be targeted.

By optimizing the timing of push notifications, engagement can be increased, says Leanplum.

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