62% of eCommerce transactions will be made using smartphone devices by 2020

Anne Freier | February 27, 2017

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mobile mandate

Source OC&C Strategy Consultants

Smartphone purchases are likely to make up two-thirds of all eCommerce by 2020, according to the Mobile Mandate from OC&C Strategy Consultants. This year, 27% of smartphone transactions were made. That figure is predicted to reach 62% by 2020.

The results complement findings by Bazaarvoice that 30% of consumers are now using their smartphones to gather information about products and evaluating purchases they are making in-store. Indeed, mobile shoppers are now searching for specific information on products to view product ratings and reviews as well as Q&A.

Hence, it’s becoming more important for shops to cater to consumer needs and roll out their own shopping tools and apps. One example of such an integration is The Home Depot, which has enabled location-specific coupons and promotions across its app. Shoppers can use the mobile site to check inventory, prices and aisle location, but also order items that are out of stock.

Consumer behaviour on smartphones must be embraced by brick-and-mortar retailers not rejected. Smartphones are here to stay and offer a prime opportunity to reach consumers when they are in-store.

Argos is another example of a retailer that has improved the mobile shopping experience. Mark Steel, Digital Operations Director, Argos explains:

“I do genuinely believe mobile is still one of the most important factors, one of the most important trends when we’re thinking about delivering a great experience for our customers. The power and the technology that the vast majority of our customers now carry around with them every single day, it’s just opening up a whole new world of opportunities for retailers to engage with their customers.”

For brands, the mobile shopping trend is a unique opportunity to reach customers and provide in-store features and coupons to drive purchases.

mobile mandate

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