60% of consumers use their mobile phones to click-to-call insurance providers

Whilst consumers may be turning to their mobile devices to research car insurance providers and policies, a majority of them are still calling providers to discuss and purchase their policies.
Indeed, 60% of consumers are likely to click-to-call from their mobile devices to shop for car insurance. That’s according to new a new report from Marchex Institute, the data and insights center for advertising analytics company Marchex.
Of those who call in to shop for auto insurance, 73% of consumers show intent to purchase. That may be a hint for insurance providers to step it up and address their call centre and customer service processes. Indeed, local agents need to ensure they answer the phone quickly enough as not answering in time can lead to abandonment of calls 50% of the time.
The report also found that 67% of Millennials prefer to buy insurance directly from the company.
Millennials use their mobile phones to call insurance providers directly
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Source: marchex.com
Call centres overall provide a better experience for the consumer and generate higher revenues compared to local agents.
Marchex recommends that digital marketers in auto insurance should focus on improving their customer call experience and reduce hold times. Marchex provides a range of call analytics that can capture data and provide a greater insight into which calls are generating higher sales. Clients can also attribute traffic back to various campaigns to gain an overview of their performance.
John Busby, Senior Vice President, Marchex Institute, says::

“Customers are no longer following a linear path-to-purchase, particularly when shopping for auto insurance, as the complexity of the offering often requires a real conversation. This presents a real challenge for marketers, who are faced with a massive blind spot around media attribution, and limits sales opportunities for brands that aren’t efficiently handling inbound phone call. Ultimately, the auto insurance companies and digital marketers that truly understand their customer across all channels – and use the data to better engage them – are poised to grow their market share.”

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