6 Ways Of Knowing Your Traffic Source Is Worth Your Time

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Posted: February 23, 2016

Yossi Samia has been part of the Somoto team for 3+ years. He came to Somoto with more than 9 years experience in project management and process operations. Within his time at Somoto, he has not only built and managed the Tabatoo team but personally seen to the expansion and growth of the Somoto mobile division.
Any app developer is aware of how difficult it is to make organic users find your app in the ocean that is the app store. With the number of new apps submitted exceeding 50k a month, and over 3M available apps in the major stores, there’s a lot at stake for marketers competing on the app store. The first steps should obviously include competitor research and proper ASO – to allow your audience to find you when they search for new apps, but there is more to it than that.
User Acquisition plays a key role in a new app’s life. When it comes to acquiring users for your app through different traffic sources, things could get quite complicated; in order to pick the right sources for your app, you should be clear about your goals, and always know exactly what you are looking for in a good traffic source.
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The truth is there isn’t a single traffic source out there that is the best for everyone; some people will have success with a source while others will fail. Once you know what you are looking for, you are able to untangle the web of hundreds of paid traffic sources, and find the ones who are worth your time and marketing budgets.

  1. Targeting capabilities – as user acquisition becomes more complex, you want your traffic source to know their audience. GEO, Age, Gender and main vertical they came from. Sometimes you could find it useful to also have City targeting, depending on your service.
  2. Reporting – publisherID and sub_publisherID – are a must, as you can’t afford spending time on a new channel which can’t distinguish between it’s sources by quality/behaviour.
  3. Post install measuring – post install events should be as important to your traffic provider as they are to you! Studying a new traffic source before launching it should include questions about their ability to investigate each channel by it’s “rank” and act according to it.
  4. Anti fraud technology – The market is full with Anti fraud tech companies promising fast and real fraud detection delivery –
    See who has the most reliable mechanism and best feedback as you don’t want traffic coming to you to get lost by “Anti fraud detector” if it’s not fraud.
    Have it’s own basic system tools (As part of their platform) to find bot traffic – for example – searching for multi click from the same IP address and blocking them before they reach the app store.
  5. Ad types (banner, video, native) – Know your way around by asking your traffic sources to show you where your banners are placed, using the right creative per GEO & implement Video or Native ads if possible.
  6. Availability and Professionalism – Don’t hesitate to ask what are the working hours your traffic source managers work by, and make sure you get support such as pause notice, integration & fraud, at the nearest possible to 24/7. Problems of such nature could cause lots of frustration and time spent for any new move you’d like to do.

In conclusion, app marketing is a serious business which requires substantial resources, both monetary and operational.
By choosing the right partners to promote your app – A big website, Network or an App selling its supply – you are making sure your budgets are spent wisely.

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