57% of customers are using retail mobile apps whilst shopping in-store

Anne Freier | January 9, 2019

App Business

Over half of consumers (57%) have previously used the mobile app by a retailer whilst in-store to redeem coupons or find items, according to new research by Yes Marketing.

Based on a survey among 1,000 customers, the company found that mobile apps were predominantly used to redeem coupons in-store (65%), to find coupons (57%) and to find items (46%).

“To survive the retail apocalypse, retailers need to prioritise the mobile experience,” explains Jim Sturm, president of Yes Marketing. “Consumers will not hesitate to turn to another brand if it offers a more user-friendly experience. Retailers can bridge the mobile-to-store experience by introducing apps that support the in-store shopping with features like maps of store layouts and access to product ratings.”

However, just 33% of respondents said they actually preferred to make purchases on smartphones compared to tablets or desktops (49%).

At the same time, retailers are still not fully appealing to consumers in terms of the mobile experience. A large number of customers choose mobile checkouts to be faster, but many mobile retail checkouts aren’t yet seamless enough.

“As consumer preferences continue to evolve, retailers need to adopt the right technology to meet their expectations,” said Michael Iaccarino, CEO and chairman of Infogroup, parent company of Yes Marketing. “Retailers should identify the right technology and services partner if they want to deliver a convenient, seamless shopping experience that can increase both customer lifetime loyalty and revenue.”

Additionally, the report found that 49% of consumers would be more motivated to shop at a brick-and-mortar location if their stores were more visually appealing.

Centennials are the most likely to shop in stores for visually appealing displays (58%) while Millennials are more interested in local events (36%) and other services (42%).

Meanwhile, almost all consumers (90%) have made a purchase in stores at least one a monthly basis with 60% adding they prefer to shop in-store because they want to see a real person.

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