57% of mobile app developers are new to the industry

Andy Boxall | September 8, 2015

App Development


Mobile app development remains a specialized industry, according to research from mobile app company Progress, makers of the Telerik platform. The data shows that 57% of developers are new to writing mobile apps, or have never built and published a mobile app before. Karen Tegan Padir, president of app development and deployment at Progress, called this a “poignant finding,” and evidence that the community, “needs easy-to-use tools and processes,” so it can move forward.

What about those developers that are writing mobile apps? The survey shows that on average, they build a single functional mobile app each year, but some haven’t made any at all.

In a survey, Progress and Telerik have found 57% of developers are new to the mobile industry


Why is this the situation? A lack of time is a problem for 19%, while 16% state that “changes in technology or development practices” are the cause of their frustration when developing mobile apps. Developers aren’t embracing one approach to develop apps either, with 33% preferring hybrid, 25% native, and 19% web-based development.

Android is the most popular platform for developers surveyed, with 76% saying they’re working on an app for Google’s OS, and 63% are developing for iOS. A massive 83% of that number is also working on an Android app. Developing for more than one platform is the most challenging aspect of an app build for 36% of all respondents, and 44% believe the UI to be the most important part of the process.

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