55% of Gen Alpha shopping is influenced by YouTube and Instagram influencers

Anne Freier

In Influencer. September 20, 2019

Over half (55%) of kids aged 6 to 16 years want to purchase product they’ve seen their favourite YouTuber or Instagram influencers wear or use. That’s according to new research from Wunderman Thompson Commerce which examined Gen Alpha’s shopping preferences more closely.

The survey asked 4,000 in the US and UK about their media use and shopping habits.

They noticed that social media played a huge role among the Gen Alpha with peers being a big factor that drove product purchasing decisions.

Another 28% said they wanted to purchase something their friends owned, whilst 25% said social media influencers had the biggest impact on their decisions.

The report also found that 14% of respondents are interested in influencers launching their own retail outlets.

Over half (57%) of Gen Alpha said they wanted to buy things they have seen on Instagram. Videos were among the most effective formats with 24% of children saying they would buy from an Instagram video versus 19% saying they would buy through other posts.

While some brands and retailers are already making the most of the strong connection between influencers and consumers, it will be crucial for businesses to watch the evolution of the influencer trend,” said Neil Stewart, global CEO of Wunderman Thompson Commerce.

“If younger consumers’ wishes are granted and influencers become retailers themselves, this will only mean more competition for existing brands and retailers.”