5 Tips to Increase Your Mobile App Installs

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Posted: February 8, 2017

There’s no denying that the app market is becoming increasingly competitive. According to Statista, there are over 4 million apps available between the Apple App Store and Google Play Store (June 2016).
This raises the question; how do you get your app noticed in such a saturated market?
Mpire Network has put together some tips to ensure you are getting maximum installs for your mobile app.

User Ratings

A high user rating improves the discoverability of your app, by pushing it further up rankings and search results in the app store.
Good ratings also serve as an endorsement for your app that increase the likelihood of your user installing. With social influence being a crucial factor in the decision-making process, a high rating is imperative.  An Apptentive (download) study revealed that 59% of people usually or always consider ratings before downloading an app.
Getting good reviews isn’t as easy as it seems – even if your app is amazeballs! According to Apptentive, people who have had a negative experience are 33% more likely to leave a rating than if they had a positive experience.
In-app rating prompts and channels of communication work to limit bias responses and increase your ratings.
For an optimised result the best time to send a prompt is after a user has achieved an action e.g. made a purchase or completed a level in a game. Doing so beforehand may be considered a disturbance that negatively impacts the user experience.
It is ideal to start your prompt with a simple question. For example, ‘Do you love this app?’ If the answer is ‘No’ redirect them to an in-app survey where they can communicate any issues within the app. The survey provides a forum for unsatisfied users to express issues with the app, outside of the public app rating system, and gives you an opportunity to use the feedback for product improvements. If the answer is ‘Yes’ redirect them to a Thank You message and prompt them to rate the app. This way you know it will be a good rating as they’ve already indicated they like the app.

App Description

If your app is not country specific, localising your name and description can work wonders on installation rates. Make App Magazine stated that gaming app, Abe The Dragon’s downloads increased by 767% after keyword localisation. Localising broadens your app’s appeal and increases discoverability amongst potential users outside of your local language.
Keywords increase your SEO which improves the discoverability of your app. You should carefully research which keywords would be best suited to your product. For the best result, include your keyword 3-5 times throughout your description, making sure it still makes sense and reads well. A repetitive, keyword-stuffed description will be counter productive.

App Store Video

Including a video previewing the app in-action can increase both the install rate and quality of users. It is possible to increase conversions by 20% in the Apple App Store and by 35% on Google Play, according to StoreMaven’s A/B tests. Video helps demonstrate the value of your app, allowing the user to make more informed decisions before downloading. This helps convert valuable users and reduces uninstalls further down the track.

Promotional Discounts

Many people are hesitant to pay for an app they have no experience with. A helpful tip to overcome this barrier is to set promotional discounts or adopt a freemium model. Consider offering your app for free for a certain period to encourage people to trial it. You could also offer a free, basic level of service, and a premium upgrade at a price. This gives you another opportunity to demonstrate value to users that might have been deterred by the upfront cost of the install.

CPI Campaigns

Advertising with a cost per install (CPI) campaign gives you fast access to your target audience on a global scale. They also allow the use of tracking SDKs, providing an understanding of post-install behaviour. This enables you to profile and target your most valuable app users. Using a performance-base model, CPI campaigns are low risk as you only pay when a user installs your app. You’d be crazy not to include this in your marketing mix.
CPI burst campaigns have a huge impact when it comes to climbing app store rankings by increasing organic installs, as well as paid. Burst campaigns start by delivering a high volume of paid installs in a short period of time, which in turn, boosts app store rankings. With your app now sitting at the top of the rankings it is more easily discovered by users, which leads to an increase in free organic installs.
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