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Posted: September 17, 2014

Lena Liu-Director of Affiliate Manager at YeahMobi

Lena Liu is Director of Affiliate Management at Yeahmobi – a leading mobile performance marketing platform – and shares some of their tips for successful mobile affiliate marketing

YeahMobi’s Affiliate bonus competition has come to a close, and our affiliates did a great job. More than 100 affiliates hit their bonuses. ​We want to congratulate everyone on your achievements and applaud you for your hard work. We’ve seen a lot of trends pushing affiliate marketing to new heights. YeahMobi is NDP Media’s flagship brand and is currently the world’s largest user acquisition platform. We have a broad network of affiliates and provide excellent offers and helpful support to help businesses reach their goals.

We’ve analyzed some of the trends in mobile affiliate marketing and have 5 tips to help new affiliates improve, and to keep more developed affiliates at the top of their game.

1. Keep up with affiliate forums

To stay ahead of the curve it’s essential to know where the curve is. Affiliate marketing forums are an excellent source of information on the latest trends in the industry. They’re also a good place to get to know other affiliates and network. Forums like stackthatmoney (paid) and warriorforum (free) are both well-known and popular. They’re also a great starting place for getting a handle on the industry.

2. Research Affiliate Networks and get close to your Affiliate Manager

Affiliate networks will bring you offer volume as well as the latest professional updates. It’s important to research them to ensure that they can offer you the best coverage and offers, and the most suitable payouts. Different networks also have different focus areas – YeahMobi offers special features such as real-time tracking, a dedicated, experienced account manager and convenient weekly payments. Your affiliate manager will also give you the best offers, so it’s important to have a good line of communication with her or him. They can be your guide so it’s important that you build a good relationship with them.

3. Look for niche verticals

Looking for a unique and profitable corner of the market can be a great way to develop a business. It’s the same with affiliate marketing. When you are expanding your operations and marketing ads, one strategy could be to find a niche in the market. If you corner it and stick with it, you should end up having a very strong knowledge of that market. You then have a better chance of becoming a specialist in that field, and making a more sustainable income.

4. Keep an eye out for new offers

The early bird catches the worm! There are lots of new offers out there, but it’s important to keep an eye out for them when they first appear. When offers first come out, there often isn’t much competition over who promotes them. If you can get an offer in its early stages you’re more likely to get better rewards from it, and maximize your income throughout. YeahMobi has lots of great offers coming in every day.

5. Competitions and Events

Keep an eye out for competitions like the one that YeahMobi ran in August. They’re a great way to push yourself and your business, make some money and potentially win prizes. Going to affiliate summits – as with keeping up-to-date on forums – is a great way to network. But it’s also a great way to do all those things you just can’t do on Skype. There are lots of exciting events coming up, so get out there!

Thanks to Lena Liu and the YeahMobi team for those useful tips. For more information on YeahMobi visit their website here, or check out the YeahMobi profile on our directory

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