5 Things That Will Make Your Application Appear Faster Than You Expect

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Posted: January 28, 2016

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Katarzyna Wodzyńska – Marketing Specialist in Ready4S – Mobile Apps for Startups. She obtained a Master’s degree in Advertising Management at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow. Professionally related with the mobile development industry from 2013. She believes that the simplest solutions are usually the cleverest. It’s impossible to convince her that the visual impression doesn’t matter, especially in advertising.

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So you have another brilliant idea for mobile application? Great, that means it’s half the battle! Now it’s time for the next stage, which will take much longer: puting your idea into effect. It’s a tedious task, which can take ages. However, good project is a precious thing, so you probably wish to accomplish it as soon as possible to be sure that nobody uses similar idea before you. But can you really make it happen in a reasonable time and without any flaws? Yes, of course, but you need to stick to few things that you need to prepare before looking for developer.

 1. Specification

It’s first and most important thing that you need to shorten development process of your application. Creating a specification is equal to making an exact plan of your idea. You have to analize your project, list every detail, from core functionalities to the least important parts of app. The more specific your specification is, the less questions will developer have and he will be able to accomplish his task more quickly. You shouldn’t be scared by the number of pages in your specifiaction; Every little thing that seems to be obvious for you can be entirely foreign for someone that contacts your idea for the first time. If you are afraid that someone can overtake your idea, you should ask a person to whom you’re showing your project to sign NDA – it shouldn’t be a problem.

 2. Mocks

Creating mockups is a second thing, that can help to visualize your idea. Do you want to have unusual login screen in your application? Try to draw it up, at least in a schematic way. Mockups are also a great way to present a complicated mechanism in your app that would be problematic to explain. General advice is – if you have problem to describe something, draw it, it will be a huge suggestion. Any idea about application design, complete or partial, should also appear on a mockup.

 3. MVP

If you’re not completely sure whether your idea is something that is really needed, but you still want to try, it might be a good idea to create MVP. When you think about functionalities that will appear in your application, list these which could be described as „core” and are crucial to make a prototype. If you follow this advice, you will create a product which is ready to present it to the client and which can help to spare you time and money. Time, because creating prototype will take far less time than creating whole product and will help you to probe the market and money, because you can check whether your idea is really as worthy as you think it is without wasting any resources which are not necessary. Remember to take an approach that is off the beaten path: from prototype to the whole application.

 4. Communication

Communication is vital in every part of life, so you can’t forget it when designing a mobile application. Proper communication is a key to accomplish a project in a faster way: if you’re getting a lot of questions, it probably means that you haven’t been clear enough and project might be in a dead end. If you’re in a process of developing an application, don’t make it hard to communicate with you and respond to the questions as soon as you’re able to – it will help to accomplish your goals a lot faster.

 5. Keep these ideas in mind

So you think that you can’t write a specification that is more specific? Read it once again. Maybe mockups aren’t really that important? Think if they really won’t help to sort out some doubts. Or maybe it’s a prototype that won’t be useful at all? Maybe, but it might be a good idea to have a backup plan.

And you seem to have no problems with communication? Well, it’s a good sign that your application will bring you a lot of revenue. However, if you have an idea, but you’re not exactly sure what to do next, you can always arrange a free 30 minutes meeting with us.

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