5 Signs You’re Paying for Mobile Ad Fraud

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Posted: December 12, 2017

As a mobile marketer, you’re used to thinking critically when planning and deploying ad campaigns. As ad fraud becomes increasingly prominent, it’s more important than ever that you apply this same critical thinking when analysing results.
The reality is that the threat of ad fraud is constantly looming over any mobile marketing campaign. In 2016 alone, the problem cost US businesses an estimated $7.4 billion. Ad fraud presents a triple threat, where:

  • The advertiser ends up paying sources that didn’t deliver real app users. This means that the channel that actually delivered the install, paid or organic, never receives the credit it deserves.
  • Performance data is skewed making the channel that fraudulently claimed the install, look better performing than it actually was.
  • Budget is diverted from campaign variations and channels that genuinely perform better than those that have been inflated with fraud, perpetuating the cycle.

To help you improve traffic quality, we shared some of the things our proprietary IVT mitigation solution, TrafficGuаrd™, looks out for in our client’s campaigns.
Click here for 5 signs that indicate you are paying for ad fraud.

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