5 Reasons Why Small Business Owners Are Switching to Mobile Apps

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Posted: September 14, 2016

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If you already have an online business presence, you must read these five definite reasons of why moving ahead with mobile app development is a must.

Most small and medium enterprises are comprehending the exigency of mobile apps in the business. But consumers today demand and expect an Amazon-like shopping experience from every online business.

According to Manta’s Small Wellness Index 2015, small business owners (SBOs) can’t live without their smartphones. Nearly half accessed mobile apps for their business twice or thrice a day. eMarketer also found that almost 80% of SBOs use their mobile phones while at work in front of their office desktops.

We are living in an era when everything we need is just a tap away, says Manish Jain, Director and Co-Founder at Konstant Infosolutions.

To this, Vipin Jain, CEO and Co-Founder, further added, Businesses today should begin their business in a chronological order- going from a mobile app to a brick-and-mortar store. He said, When you initiate it with a mobile app, you have higher chances of getting identified and can move faster in the race.

The market is swamping with hundreds and thousands of mobile apps. Some of them are never downloaded, others if downloaded are deleted after a day or two and very few are there to stay forever. So, in order to stay competitive, a small business doesn’t just need a mobile app, they need to have a great one.

Reasons for small business to switch to mobile apps


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When as a business owner, you are too hooked to mobile apps, you can imagine the pressing need of mobile apps for your consumers. You will certainly find a fair reason or more to get started and scale your business with a mobile app. The most compelling are:

  • It brings you closer to customers: What else could you ask for? It makes possible to know what a customer would need before he even begins to explore how you are connected through a mobile app. Everything on a mobile device is so personalized that a business owner begins to understand the behavior and tastes of a consumer. For a startup or medium-level enterprise, nothing can be more significant than establishing strong connections with a customer from the beginning.
  • It brings benefits of Push notifications: Only a mobile app provides you an instant way to grab user’s attention by sending a push notification. And email received is read after some time (whether on mobile or desktop) but an SMS or broadcast message on the phone is read instantly. This is a faster way of connecting with audiences worldwide.
  • It makes Cashless Payments possible: Mobile devices and apps give users the advantage of paying in a restraint or book store or fashion mall. With an app, you can improve cash flow and time management. The concept of digital wallets can only be implemented in your business through third-party app integrations like PayPal, Square, Go Payment.
  • It’s accessible anywhere, anytime: Since a mobile phone stays with customer most often, customers can access the content, offers, products and services just with a few clicks. They are happy to do it on mobile rather than moving to their desktop and laptop again.
  • In-app advertising is a great way of marketing: Remember how influential it was to go door to door to market your product? This traditional way is redefined in the modern world to serve audiences across the globe through in-app advertising. You are actually marketing your product and services to individual users through a mobile app. And in this digital landscape, nobody cares to see posters on walls but advertisements on their smartphones or a mobile browser.

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