5 Reasons Why Adscend’s Market Research SDK is the Industry’s Best Rewarded Ad Solution

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Posted: May 5, 2016

Adscend Media just released a major rewarded ad solution. We think you’ll definitely be able to earn more with it. However, we reached out to Adscend’s marketing team to find out why developers should integrate their exclusive Market Research SDK, and they gave us the following five reasons:
Higher Payouts: You’ll earn an average of $4 per completed survey, and can even earn up to $30 per survey completed with Adscend’s market research surveys! No other rewarded ad solution provider can beat that.
Boost Retention and User Experience: Most apps have issues building user loyalty and have ads that kill the user experience. Market research surveys give apps a boost in both areas by giving users a new, powerful in-app earnings option to earn in-app items faster. Historically, Adscend’s Rewarded Ad solutions have improved retention rates for Adscend publishers by up to 30%, and Adscend expects market research surveys to provide an even greater boost.
Even More Valuable than Mobile App Offers: An extremely popular offer type, mobile app download offers typically have a conversion rate of 25% on Adscend’s platform. Market research surveys, however, are poised to be even more coveted by users. Like app downloads, these surveys provide users with an easy way to earn credits, but will let users earn higher amounts of credits.
Increase Daily Earnings: Adscend’s Market Research SDK lets users complete an average of 15 new market research surveys a day. Thus, you can earn around an extra $10 per user per day.
Strong Offer Inventory: Adscend’s Market Research SDK has a strong global fill, and will be able to provide surveys to users in the US, UK, CA, IN, BR, AU, FR, and hundreds of other countries.
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