5 minute “Fraud Health” survey shows shocking truths to ad sector

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Posted: September 17, 2019

Ad Fraud – have you heard about it? Chances are you’re saying “no”. If you’re currently scratching your head, you are in the majority. Although Ad fraud is not recent, and is estimated to cost advertisers $5.8 Billion in 2019, knowledge and understanding of this is low. Ad fraud is a thing. Ad fraud awareness is not. 

Interceptd is one of the few companies that specialize in Ad fraud protection. To combat this lack of awareness we have released a quick-and-easy “Fraud Health Survey”. The results are eye-opening. 

Registrants who complete this 5 minute survey, answering questions regarding their app and ad campaigns will gain free access to their own personalized “App Fraud Health Assessment”. They will gain insight into things such as: 

  • Tailored suggestions to optimise their ad campaigns 
  • Over-all App’s Fraud Health.
  • Estimated fraud types affecting their app.

This fraud health survey gives advertisers the chance to see how their app’s fraud health is and how to optimise their campaigns whilst combatting the lack of awareness regarding Ad fraud” said Seyhmus Olker, COO and Co-founder at Interceptd. 

Previously, the “App Fraud Health Assessment” was a feature of our paid fraud prevention tool. However, to raise awareness, we have opened up an unprecedented free glimpse into this understated and common problem, which is penetrating the ad industry. 

Ad Fraud is a thing and it is changing the advertising game, and affecting ROAs.

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