4C partners with Kantar Media to launch cross-screen media solution for targeted political ads

4c kantar media

4C Insights, the data science and media tech provider, this week announced a partnership with media intelligence firm, Kantar Media, to roll out a new cross-screen media solution for targeted political ads in the US. Both companies provide comprehensive solutions to target and measure audiences across a variety of screens including TV, digital and mobile devices.

4C provides TV synced ad solutions


Source: 4cinsights.com

Using its Teletrax technology, 4C can harvest and fingerprint each US presidential race TV ad, whilst Kantar Media’s Campaign Media Analysis Group (CMAG) analyses and tags each ad by key issue and other messages contained in the creative. Rich metadata such as sponsor, party affiliation, tone, targets and others are also tagged. Both, the CMAG data and 4C TV Synced Ads are then combined to give marketers a comprehensive overview and deliver messages to voters on second-screens in sync with TV commercials.

As an example, Clinton and Trump campaigns could synchronise mobile ads when their own TV spots air or run conquesting ads when Sanders or Cruz ads appear. Specific campaign ads can also be triggered when candidates mention key political or policy issues.

Elizabeth Wilner, Senior VP for political advertising, Kantar Media, says:


“Kantar Media’s CMAG data helps our clients quickly understand both the entire competitive airscape and the specific strategies of individual advertisers, both friendly and unfriendly, so they can respond to it all. We are thrilled to be partnering with 4C to launch this innovative solution enabling political advertisers to target and message more robustly to their key voters.”

Projecting TV ad spend of $4.4bn for the political campaigns throughout the 2016 elections, the solution meets a growing demand for more responsive and targeted advertising in a competitive political landscape. The partnership taps in to reach the 87% of consumers using other devices whilst watching TV.

Lance Neuhauser, CEO, 4C, adds:

luance neuhauser

“The strategic partnership between Kantar Media and 4C provides an innovative way for candidates, parties and issue-based campaigns to leverage TV to drive multi-screen engagement with voters. Furthermore, it adds another dimension for political advertisers to swing votes from competitors via second-screen conquest.”

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