44% of Gen Z has made a purchase based on influencer recommendation

Anne Freier | March 3, 2020


Influencer marketing appears to be working – at least for younger shoppers.

Nearly half (44%) of Gen Z shoppers previously made a purchase based on an influencer recommendation, compared to 26% of the remaining population.

That’s according to new research by Kantar Media.

The latest study found that 70% of Gen Z follow at least one influencer on social platforms and apps like Instagram and YouTube.

The youngsters are also a bit more open-minded in terms of race or ethnicity with 87% following influencers of different race or ethnicity to their own.

Lucky for marketers, Gen Z device owners use at least four social media apps (39%) compared to 15% of the general population. This means that advertisers can target social users across multiple platforms.

Among the more popular social media platforms are Facebook (62%), Instagram (55%), YouTube (54%) and Snapchat (52%).

It’s not the first time that Gen Z has been singled out as a particularly engaged group on social media and social apps. Research by App Annie last year showed that social media apps were particularly important to the age group as they grew up using these apps.

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