43% of people don’t want to receive push notifications

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Be careful how you use push notifications in your apps, as smartphone users aren’t don’t always welcome them. According to a SessionM study, republished by MarketingLand, just over 43% of those questioned didn’t want push notifications at all.

The study covered 6,000 people, but specifically discussed how they wanted brands to interact with them, rather than singling out games, or other app genres. However, the data exposed is still relevant to all. For those who were happy to receive push notifications on a regular basis, a little over 34% wanted to see them once per month or less, and only 13.5% wanted them once a week of more frequently.

Be careful how many push notifications you send

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It should also be noted the survey didn’t go into any detail about the type of notification, its content, or relevance to the user, meaning the response may change if the message was attractive. This is reflected in some advice on push notifications published by SessionM on its own blog, on how to send messages that won’t drive users away:

  • Greeting messages to new users asking for information such as date of birth, in return for a gift or discount.
  • Send personalized, individual messages to the user, not generic mass message campaigns.
  • Use deep-links to add value
  • Remind users of uncompleted purchases, or notify when previously viewed items or lines have offers attached.
  • Above all, SessionM says don’t send too many.

Find the complete SessionM blog post on notifications here, and for more about the company, visit its website here.

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