360 degree video ads boost engagement and brand lift

360-degree video ads have previously been touted as a new and exciting mobile technology for marketers to get their hands now. Indeed, research by IPG Magna and IPG Media Labs in March 2018 found that the format increased purchase intent by up to 7% on mobile devices.

Meanwhile, the study noted that 12% of respondents also felt that a brand had a “unique story to tell” if it employed 360-degree video over traditional video formats.

Fast forward to August 2018 and two separate campaigns have shown just how powerful 360-degree video can be in attracting and captivating audiences.

KitKat’s latest 360 YouTube campaign resulted in a video completion rate that was double the platform’s average, according to Campaign.

To launch its latest matcha green tea flavoured bar, the company created an interactive video ad together with WorkInProgress. The final “Zen Break” video invited viewers to become immersed in a Japanese rock garden. It resulted in a 35% increase in brand consideration and a 100% lift in ad recall. In addition, the ad has already attracted 6 million views.

Meanwhile, Takis, the Barcel-owned snack brand, developed three separate immersive experiences together with virtual reality specialist OmniVirt. They combined 3D display, interactive 360-degree game and 360-degree dancing.

Although the exact campaign results are still being studied, initial performance measurements suggest that the campaign outperformed targets at a 7.7% engagement rate.

However, viewers aren’t always in the mood to interact with more immersive ad formats as Google previously found when comparing traditional video ads to 360 in-stream ads.

It found that 360 video did not outperform video ads in terms on view-through rate on mobile and desktop. At the same time, the format appeared to motivate viewers to watch more content and boosted overall interactions. The immersive format also drove 41% of actions compared to standard video ads.

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