31% of app developers are dissatisfied with their in-app ad revenues

Just 31% of mobile app developers are satisfied with their in-app advertising revenues, according to a new study by Chocolate, the mobile video advertising company. Meanwhile, 69% of app developers felt dissatisfied or neutral about their in-app ad revenues.

The higher proportion in satisfied developers was found to be proportional to the number of advertising networks they were using with 2-5 ad networks found to increase satisfaction.

Meanwhile, app developers are beginning to work with ad mediation partners (54%). However, quality of an ad network  (65%) and ease of integration (55%) are key factors developers consider when looking for ad mediation partners.

“The survey report clearly states the fact that app developers are not satisfied with their current ad revenues and considering a majority of developers rely on ad-based monetization as their primary source of revenue, there is a critical need of putting power back in the hands of app developers,” said Saurabh Bhatia, CEO, Chocolate.

“Our ad mediation technology provides multiple demand sources in a programmatic environment layered with unified auction technology, ensuring no bias towards any ad network, thus, delivering the highest bid every time. All this through a single intelligent SDK and a single sign-in, ensuring app developers spend no time managing multiple ad networks and maximum time at what they do best – creating fabulous apps.”

When it comes to in-app ad formats, videos are the preferred tool in terms of monetisation. Over half (56%) of app ad expenditure now goes to rich content video ads. However, that leaves 44% of them still not using video ads.

Of the developers who are already using in-app ads, 42% already use ad mediation and 52% are willing to do so. At the same time, among developers not running video ads, 38% were dissatisfied with their ad revenues, whilst just 17% expressed satisfaction.

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