3 Simple Steps to Win the Chinese Mobile Market by Appcoach [Infographic]

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Partner Post - Appcoach navigate & win the Asian mobile market

Posted: June 9, 2017

With over 20 years in the industry, Justyn is an expert in combining mobile, data and ad-technology to deliver global user acquisition strategies. At Appcoach Justyn maximizes clients’ mobile performance through multi-territory UA campaigns. Experts in Asia, Appcoach and Justyn are helping more and more Western advertisers navigate and win the Asian mobile market.  For more follow Appcoach @AppcoachS and Justyn Lucas @justynlucas

With 1.33 billion mobile users, many Western advertisers focusing their efforts on Asia as emerging markets in particular China mean big success for app user acquisition success.
How do app marketers begin to navigate this region that bans Google and Facebook? The answer is surprisingly simple and following these steps means app marketers can effectively win the Chinese mobile market.

Localize your language

It seems obvious but the most successful apps with a top 10 ranking in the app stores are 99% of the time in Chinese language. To accelerate your app to a top ranking localize the language to Chinese, specifically Mandarin Chinese.

Test on iOS first

The iOS store is the same in every global market including China. The process of adding new apps to the iOS store follows the same process as any other location. This is in complete contrast to the Android or Google Play stores, as Google is banned in China. The total amount of Android stores is around 300 with 90% of Android stores owned by three of China’s biggest technology companies; Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent. Before tackling the 300 Android stores and to test the success of your app, launch on iOS first. 

Partner with a Chinese analytics company

Once you’ve localized your app to Chinese language, you have tested your app on iOS, and you’ve began to roll out your app out on Android stores, it is time to partner with a Chinese analytics company. Using a Chinese analytics company, such as TalkingData, means you can effectively optimize your apps performance quickly and efficiently. Many Western analytics companies claim they can access Chinese mobile performance analytics, however most cannot penetrate because of government restrictions to access.
Check out our infographic below and for more on how to Navigate and Win the Asian Mobile Market visit appcoachs.com

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