3 Most Common Mistakes In Mobile App Marketing

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Posted: September 30, 2016

Due to the significance of digital advertising, a high percentage of marketers considered digital application essential to their content advertising strategy. While implementing this remarkable technology to the business, many businesses are found to commit mistakes. To make the best use of digital advertising, it is important to prevent these mistakes.
In this article, GOWIDE marketers prepared some of the common mistakes that people do while implementing digital advertising for the growth of their business.

Business designs which are not appropriate for digital view
Most of the business generates product designs that are best to be viewed on a desktop. Mobile screens are smaller than desktop screens so the designs should be created in such a way that it gives the same functionality and visibility as that of the desktop.
A digital user will discard heavy images that take too long to load and copy desktop content page by page. This can be time consuming and can lead to frustration for the digital users. So when designing a digital version of your website it is very important to consider the factors such resolution, size, quality, etc. of images and content.
You can resolve this problem by focusing the attention of digital users on selected features of the product that matter the most. Reduce the functionality of your website to a few primary tasks. You can even ask your desktop users what things they find lack in the digital app of the website. Also, you need to optimize the font so that the characters are easily readable. In this way, you can tune your website for your digital audience.
Building a digital application that lacks a systematic advertising plan
Before working on your digital application, you need to have a clear and targeted marketing goal in your mind. The product you need to market, type of audience you need to address, free or paid application, landing page, optimization of fonts and images in web pages, expected sales, etc.
You need to assess your assets well and then prepare a plan that helps to market them properly. Keep the landing page of your website simple and optimized. It is not advisable not to show an overwhelming advertisement that pops up just when the users open your application. This will drift away user from your digital application.
It casts a very good impression on users when they come to know that your website is well optimized for digital use. It is important to not upload your digital application to a remote place where it becomes hard for people to locate it. It is a good idea to place the name of the digital application along with the name and link of the application store at the bottom of every web page present on the desktop website.  This will help in user acquisition to your digital application and enable them to download the application and access it from that application store easily.
It has been seen that most of the users before they download an application, read the reviews.  So encourage satisfied and happy users on your website to leave a review which can be used as a review for the promotion of your digital application.
Absence of a strategy to retain digital users
Irrespective of how much investment you have done on your digital app, if it is not helping in retaining users to your application, then it is of no use. Besides attractive design and engaging content, it is very important to keep providing an ongoing value to them. People should feel benefitted every time they visit your digital application.
You need to design your digital application design to be consistent and recurring. Understand what your audience wants, why do they visit it, when do they visit and how do they visit. Build some effective user engagement mechanisms to help reconnect and remind consumers of the presence of your application on their device.
Generating engagement reasons to entice customers through your digital application such as exclusive content, free e-book, discounts, rewards, gift coupons, etc.. Sending an update or reminder when you post a new blog could be a reason people visit your digital application.
So ensure that the advertising strategy adopted do not have such mistakes. As an expert on mobile market GOWIDE is convinced that  correcting these mistakes would build a better connection to your audience and take your business to unprecedented level of success.

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