28% of marketers have trouble delivering in-app video

Delivering videos in-app can be challenging, and 28% of marketers said they had trouble doing so, according to new research by Penthera.

In-app video provides click-through rates that are 7.5x higher than display ads, making it an attractive format for advertisers.

The researchers noted that awareness (50%), weak engagement rates (41%) and inadequate metrics (40%) were the dominant challenges advertisers cited with in-app video.

Meanwhile, 36% of marketers are using push notifications weekly (32% daily) to engage consumers.

One in five respondents cited technical issues with push notifications such as opt-outs, problems with operating systems and low click-through rates.

However, Penthera notes that this is relatively low, signalling a positive trend toward broader and more successful adoption of in-app video ads.

According to PubMatic, in-app video ad spending accounts for roughly two-thirds of mobile video ad expenditure worldwide, due to its improved targeting and customer engagement.

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