15-second mobile videos yield best results, finds Opera Mediaworks

Anne Freier | February 11, 2016

Mobile Advertising

opera mediaworks
Opera Mediaworks has taken a closer look at the best creative principles for mobile video in its Short-Form Video study for the EMEA region. According to the research, shorter mobile videos, 6-8 seconds long are the best for branding campaigns, delivering 36% higher engagement rates than longer content. However, longer video forms were found to yield better results for driving traffic. Video was found to be one of the most effective ad formats on mobile.
Short-form video study

Source: operamediaworks.com
In 2015, Opera Mediaworks launched its EMEA Short-Form Video Fund, providing $1m to brand advertisers to leverage Instant-Play, HD video technology to run across full-screen mobile video inventory. Among brands that took part were eBay, Mitsubishi, Mattel, British Heart Foundation and Tourism Ireland. The Fund examined engagement rates as well as dwell times to gain a better understanding of best practices for advertisers and engagement rates across audiences.
Mark Slade, Managing Director for EMEA, Opera Mediaworks, explains:
mark slade

“It has long been suspected that the length of mobile video creative has a direct impact on audience-engagement rates, and it’s reassuring to have a specific measure of this now. Mobile video continues to be a huge growth area for advertising, considering the ubiquity of smartphones and the changing habits of how we consume content. Following these findings, we look forward to working with brands and agencies in helping them further explore the nuances to deliver increasingly effective, mobile-first campaigns that are relevant and non-intrusive to consumers.”

As an example of short-form video success, Stella Artois ran a branded campaign to sponsor Wimbledon, looking to reinforce its brand perfection. Engagement rates shot up 60% higher for the 6-second video version compared to the 15-second video. Short-form video attracted 25% longer dwell times than long counterparts.
However, long-form videos of between 15-30 seconds were found to provide 30% higher engagement rates when viewers were asked to “Find out more”. A campaign for TomTom achieved a 62% rise in consumer engagement for its 15-second video and viewers were twice as likely to view additional video content, compared to those who had watched the 6-second version.
In addition, Unilever Lynx noted a 38% increase in clicks for long-form videos, asking users to “Locate store”.
Opera Mediaworks found that for dwell times and CTRs, 14-15-second mobile videos were the best format to increase audience engagement. At this length, videos offer concise information to help double engagement rates compared to shorter video forms.

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