What 10 Years of Innovation In Mobile Marketing Look Like

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Partner Post - Kimia Mobile Performance Marketing

Posted: June 29, 2016

Kimia has just hit 10 years in mobile marketing. In any other industry, 10 years might be a good starting point for a company, in mobile performance marketing, a fast pace market, 10 years of generating top revenue, is an achievement, based solely on hard work and efficiency.
We currently generate 100 million clicks per day, that’s 1% of the planet’s population. Every day. With these clicks, we achieve 6 millions CPA events per month, that’s the equivalent of the trade transactions on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), every month. We handle a minimum of 60.000 users per minute, meaning, we fill the Yankee stadium every minute.
Kimia’s 10th anniversary celebration
Kimia 10th anniversary
KPIs like these aren’t reached just due to our high-class technology and a good business strategy, they are achieved through dedication and commitment from our team. Kimia is made up of more than 100 international professionals, that are ready to work hard and play hard, every day. We are present in most industry events worldwide always looking to learn and offer the latest marketing strategy to optimise and maximise your mobile traffic and services.
Kimia’s team
Kimia has always been at the forefront of the mobile marketing industry, we don’t just “keep up with the times”, we are a reference within the industry, we are the example of innovation and strategy.
It has been an adventure, making 1 of every 30 partners a millionaire, combining the know-how of industry veterans, that work directly with us, with the insatiable energy of our international colleagues. Our daily goals have always been clear, optimise and maximise, we pay more money and we deliver better results as a mobile performance marketing network on CPA, CPI, CPL and now CPM too.
Kimia’s performance statistics
kimia 10th anniversary
To celebrate and thank our team for its consistency in providing top KPIs and making Kimia the reference adnetwork to work with in mobile marketing, we threw one of our best parties ever. As always, a party is only as good as its attendees, and at Kimia we have an amazing mix of colleagues that generate a unique team spirit that most of us have only experienced within Kimia.
Kimia’s 10th anniversary celebration
Kimia 10th anniversary celebration
Above all we would like to say thank you to everyone who has worked in, or with, Kimia, past, present and future!
Thank you to our team for their dedication to each and every partner, and thank you of course to our partners too, it´s your trust and commitment with Kimia that allows us to keep growing and continue to be a pillar within our industry.
Salud! Looking forward to another 10 years of generating top mobile revenue together.
Kimia’s 10th anniversary celebration
Kimia 10th anniversary celebration
For further information about Kimias services and technology please visit their previous blogs posts.

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