App Store Optimization Companies Leaderboard (2019)

Artyom Dogtiev

Updated: September 16, 2020

The number one goal for every app brand marketing manager is to connect her / his app with as many loyal app users as possible. This effort starts once the app is on the market and continues as long as it stays on the App Store of Google Play marketplace. App Store Optimization is in the heart of this ongoing effort.

On this Leaderboard we’ve put together the best ASO agencies or app marketing companies that offer App Store Optimization service as a part of their services portfolio. These companies are ranked based on the number of employees they have on staff, all information presented on the table was taken from a third-party open sources.

App Store Optimization Companies Ranking (May, 2019)

#CompanyOffice LocationsFoundedSocial Presence *Estimated Monthly Web trafficEstimated Annual Revenues $ millionEmployees
 1 App Annie San Francisco, US, Singapore, London, UK2010 40,000, 25,8003m+100 554
2Apptrace Berlin, Germany, Beijing, China 201810,000, 3,40020,000+12.8293
3RankMyApp San Paulo, Brasil2015 2,000, 23370,000+68
4Sensor TowerSan Francisco, US2012 1,500, 10,000 1m+20+58
5Lab CaveMadrid, Spain20123,300, 3,000158
6AppTopiaBoston, US20113,000, 4,900 400,000+4.249
7StoremavenTel Aviv, Israel, San Francisco, US2014720, 279345,000+45
8Mobile Action San Francisco, US2013 2,800, 5,400 10,000+1.843
9The ASO Co.London, UK20152,300, 76800+1.536
10GummicubeSan Jose, US2011 652, 1,31810,000+5,040
11SplitMetricsBelarus, Minsk2014 320, 99540,000+32
12AppFollowFinland, Russia2015307, –150,000+132
12Phiture Berlin, Germany2016 802, 1,400 –26
13MoburstNew York, US2013 1,500, 1,46020,000+17.123
14AppTweak Brussels, Belgium20146,000, 13,00072,000+$2.147
15App Radar Graz, Austria2015355, 2,30030,000+21
16Yodel Mobile London, UK2007610, 4,2001,000+20
17Incipia Royal Oak, US20151,900, 1,40020,000+20
18Studio MosaicNew Delhi, India2013682, 1971,000+120
19AppAgent Prague, Czech Republic2015305, 4203,000+17
20PickASO Barcelona, Spain2013 657, 2,1563,000+317
21Redbox Mobile Hungerford, UK2013364, 5902,000+15
22AppfiguresNew York, US2009 380, 8,9002m+513
23TheTool Barcelona, Spain2017247, 5,800 100,000+113
24ASODeskMoscow, Russia201650, 84011
25Moberest Barcelona, Spain201570, 725 –9
26App Growth Network Vancouver, Canada201848, 1581,000+5
27Keyword ToolHong Kong2014 53, 15003m+5
28Dynamo Partners Berlin, Germany201245 100+5
29PreApps Boston, US 2012 146, 9,0002,000+13.94
30The ASO Project Los Angeles, US2014139, 1773,000+3
31GrowfirstMünchen, Germany2016 37, 500400+2
32MobtimizersNew York, US2014 300, 98 300+32
33App Masters Danville, US2011 21, 2,0002,000+1
34MiratrixLondon, UK201223, 87500+1

Note: * number of LinkedIn and Twitter followers respectively.

Source: Owler, LinkedIn, SimilarWeb, Twitter

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