Most of the enterprise-class companies are currently facing a lot of challenges. As the entire economy is approaching towards normalcy, the complete investment climate still remains to be uncertain. The ever-increasing competitive landscapes, as well as inflationary pressures, are currently on the rise with the digitalization becoming vital for the companies in order to remain relevant as well as achieve growth.

As the most critical aspect of the digitalization strategies, these companies have to create different types of apps today. While mobile app development provides a wide range of benefits that include expediting the entire business processes, launching of new products and services and offering fulfilling user experience, the entire activity is marred with higher costs as well as hassles. According to recent research, the average hourly cost of Android app development is significantly higher. The entire cost of development of Android apps is quite high. The availability of mobile app developers with cross-platform skills is another challenge faced by mobile app development services.

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The need of New Approach

Given this plethora of challenges, it is vital to employ a low-code rapid mobile app development platform which is called as Low-Code Platform or LCP. It has duly emerged as a preferred choice for companies today. Using it, any company can create high-quality mobile apps with quite a speed. An LCP provides a wide range of advantages to the company leaders and business heads while essentially saving them from different types of development hassles. It is quite fast, saves a lot of effort and provides flexibility.

Benefits of LCP

  • Addressing the shortage of talent issue

An LCP with complete focus on the visual development tools actually minimizes the dependence of the companies on skilled and qualified developers and designers. The drag and drop visual interface of this platform ensure that the people having basic HTML knowledge to create apps they wish without any kind of special training. For example, the operations head of any logistic services provider can easily create an app built for truck drivers of the company to streamline the entire reimbursements of their expenses on parking, toll and fuel. Low-code platforms can essentially make it easier to design, deploy as well as use the business apps.

  • Building better apps that are functionally superior

At complete different level, the development interface of the LCP remains to be quite uncomplicated with allows business users to easily create an app they wish with quite a better understanding of the purpose. Due to such deep and direct involvement of the stakeholders of the business in the entire project, the mobile apps that these users create tend to fully meet the objectives of the business that they are actually meant to. As LCP essentially incorporates the various elements like process as well as workflow modelling, the customizable and rich user interface or the UI, these apps become functionally superior from the perspective of the users. With inbuilt features like ready to use and customizable templates, form build as well as WYSIWYG editor, the LCP makes it the entire app building process fast, simple as well as cost-efficient.

  • Gaining Agility

As the business leaders don’t actually have to overburden their IT teams with various extra work regime or hire expert developers, the decisions of app building can easily be taken at the various department levels. By means of cutting down the coordination round-trips, the companies can easily trim down the time required of the Android app development. Also, the low-code capabilities of this platform can easily shorten the entire development cycle which allows the companies to respond according to market demands with much greater agility.

  • Achieving lean budgeting

An LCP can easily take care of various functions that include development, DevOps, and distribution without taking up too many resources or making process demands. It assists in keeping the cost augmentation as quite notional to the business user which allows them to create apps without actually sacrificing their complete work routine. In case the LCP mobile apps company that you choose offers an OpEx based and flexible model, then the entire high up-front costs that is typically involved in the entire software development projects can easily be avoided.

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Necessary Precautions to be Taken

Even as LCP is becoming a great technology in expediting the entire app development, you need to tread carefully and with caution while choosing a particular solution. You have to look for various important capabilities in the given platform before investing your money. App creation can never be a completely standard process. Every company has its own specific requirements due to various business processes that it follows and the different legacy systems it utilizes. The low-code platform that you choose needs to have a few basic capabilities. It should address the following questions:

  • Can the mobile app that you create easily be integrated with the existing systems at the backend? The entire integration needs to cover various aspects like easier database integration along with third-party applications.
  • If the given platform is flexible enough to assist the mobile apps company to add custom-code whenever required easily?
  • Does it offer command line interface tools?
  • How easier is it to actually maintain?
  • Does the given platform actually come with a ready app marketplace for improved developers’ convenience along with the users?
  • Is it actually future proof? The mobile app development services that you employ should be quite capable to support you with various upgrades, upgrades as well as fixing compatibility issues with various new and latest technologies along with new versions and devices.


The companies need to verify whether the given low-code platform that you choose actually comes with various inbuilt security provisions as well as allows you to easily scale up and down with the entire agility according to your business requirements. A low-code app development platform which fulfils all these critical requirements can easily assist you to accomplish the digital transformation goals with much more enhanced speed as well as finesse.

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