Chatbot is a type of application that enables conversation between stakeholders and computers. Many Smartphone App Development Companies offer the services of developing custom chatbots based on the needs and requirements of the user. For business enterprises, Chatbots help in getting multiple tasks done without having to employ human resources. They facilitate conversation between an enterprise and its customers, employees and other stakeholders. But building a good and successful chatbot requires expert knowledge in this field.

Unless the enterprise has core competencies in this field, it is advised to hire mobile app developers or a Chatbot Development Company to get the task done. An unsuccessful chatbot will result in a loss of time and resources.

Here is a list of few points which should be kept in mind for building a successful chatbot:

Multiple Types and Multiple Tasks: It is important to build multiple chatbots, which can perform multiple tasks at one go. This will help in streamlining the functions of the enterprise. Your enterprise deals with multiple customers at the same time facing different issues. Hence, it is important that your enterprise’s chatbots can pertain to different customer’s issues at the same time. Also, it should be able to perform different tasks such as answering questions, finding answers, fetching and preparing reports, updating records and so on.

Multiple Supported Channels: It is necessary that your enterprise chatbot is supported in multiple channels like websites or mobile apps be it through SMS, emails or social media platforms, as different users resort to different channels. It will increase the user base of the chatbots. One can avail expert mobile development services to ensure the compatibility of the chatbot in multiple channels.

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National Language Processing and Speech Recognition

Your Chatbot should be incorporated with National Language Processing and speech recognition feature. It will enable the chatbot to maintain accurate and relevant two-way communication using both text & speech, identifying user intents, learning from past experiences and so on.

Bridging Platform Gaps: The ability of the chatbot to capture and store the messages between users, chatbots and different platforms is an essential requirement along with the capacity to facilitate the automatic sharing and flow of stored information between users, chatbots and cross-functional systems once logged in. 

Industry Experience and Domain Knowledge: Your Smartphone app development company should have the required industry expertise and knowledge for chatbot. They will be able to determine the factors which will help in building the right framework to provide the required speed, functionality, and flexibility to deal with different user needs and issues efficiently.

Testing of Chatbots

Testing of bots before releasing them for final use is must! Only after they are Mobile development services provider must thoroughly test for bugs and glitches. Testing also helps in identifying the features, which are crucial for its success, and features, which are not resulting in any good outcome. Thus it can help in removing the unwanted utterances along with debugging other bugs and glitches.

Continuous training: Setting up a good chatbot is a continuous task. Once it is put to use, it is very important to track its activities and progress to determine the steps for its further improvements.The chatbot should possess good natural language understanding to be able to understand user intent and for better communication. Corrective actions should be taken to improve the functions of the bot in cases of failed scenarios or uncertainties. The chatbot must be continuously trained to gather information from day-to-day user experiences thus expanding the performance of the bot.

Privacy and Security: Privacy and Security of the information stored in chatbot should be a top priority if you hire app developer. They are prone to cybersecurity threats and could lead to a breach of privacy if not properly secured. Hence, it is utmost important to take the necessary steps to secure your chatbots. Following steps can be taken to ensure the security of your enterprise chatbots:

  • User identification should be done only through a set of user id and password before granting access to the chatbot
  • In addition to the User identification, organizations should also employ a two-factor identification system which enables user login only after entering one time passwords sent to mobile number or email ids. It will prevent third parties from logging in who accidentally learns the user credentials
  • Providing end-to-end encryption secures the flow of information between the sender and the recipient, thus preventing third parties from intercepting the data. This method is adopted by the popular social media app “Whatsapp”.
  • Access to the authenticated tokens should be limited for a certain amount of time which will end the session after the expiry of the said time.

Building the Chatbot: The tool used by chatbot development company to build the bots plays a significant role in its functioning. The platform should have an intuitive and web-based tool. It will help in building and customizing the chatbot as per the different requirements and needs. The option to restart the process of development from scratch should also be available.

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Facilitating Intelligent Conversation between Chatbot and Users

Keeping in mind the following points can surely help to attain it:

  • The memory of the bot should be strong; both short term and long term. Only then it will be able to recognize its users and their past conversations.
  • Bots should be able to pause and resume the tasks based on the requirements of the user. It is very much possible that users might pause a task halfway and set their hands on a whole different task. In such a scenario the bot must be able to cater to the needs of the user. Such convenience should be allowed to the users. Otherwise, the original task of the user has to be started from scratch, which will lead to inconvenience and loss of time.
  • An intelligent bot is the one which can handle multiple inter-related tasks within the same conversation
  • Humans are complex emotional living beings. It is important that the bots are able to read their state of mind to understand current emotions and reply appropriately. There might come a point when due to the overflow of human emotions the software might not be able to handle the conversation. In such a situation the timely shift of the conversation to a human agent is very essential. Only an intelligent bot will be able to take this corrective step when the situation demands.


One should always aim to attain intelligent conversation between Chabot and users for the success of a chatbot. Humans are complex living beings, each possessing different characteristics and emotions. It might be a little difficult to attain intelligent conversation. The customer today is more insistent and chatbot keeps user engaged.