An incident shook up the mobile advertising industry recently: One of the leading China-based ad networks was alleged to involve in a click fraud scheme and its apps were removed from Google Play Store. And this was, unfortunately, never the first & only case. Such controversial news may lead advertisers and publishers to wonder whether Chinese ad networks are trustworthy. 

WebEye, representing Chinese digital marketing companies, answers “YES”. Take WebEye as an example: It adopts a series of measures to protect its hundreds of partners against ad frauds.

AI & Big data analysis

Having realized that ad fraud is an evolving cat-and-mouse game, WebEye self-designed a top-ranking AI platform to research human behavior to keep staying ahead. It accesses, collects and analyzes huge datasets:

  • sees how traffic ratios translate into impressions or conversions
  • checks device usage and behavioral patterns to detect bot threats
  • tracks and blacklists IP addresses with repetitive clicks 

And its sophisticated machine learning algorithm is put into action so that it constantly adapts its mechanism and implements additional policies to identify new methods of fraud, enabling smarter decision-making.

Transparent tracking

WebEye guarantees complete transparency and full control — advertisers get to understand how WebEye’s technology works from the beginning and can monitor the performance of their campaigns in real-time. Malicious bot activities, if any, are spotted, reported and blocked immediately.

Third-party verification

To assure its partners, WebEye employs multiple third-party verification tools such as Pixalate. Impartial verification providers give professional feedbacks and insights after examining KPI benchmarks, ad placement etc. With their assistance, WebEye can fend off frauds at significantly higher success rates.

Reliable traffic

WebEye uses clean traffic from its selected sources, excluding those who ever displayed suspicious patterns or non-compliant behaviors. Moreover, its powerful programmatic technology can filter out invalid traffic effectively. Therefore, WebEye proudly has a proven track record of providing great results through validated case studies.

As a leading mobile advertising company powered by live data, WebEye puts its highest priority on ensuring the authenticity and validity of data. It actively cooperates with all attribution platforms and regularly conducts thorough self-investigation to mitigate potential risks; meanwhile, it never ceases to renovate its technology to offer higher-quality services. Together with other Chinese companies, it strives to help build a healthy mobile ecosystem.