It’s never too early to start optimizing an app. Even if your app is still being developed, pre-optimization can provide you with a solid foundation for when you launch. App Store Optimization maximizes an app’s growth, reach and conversions within the App Store and Google Play Store, so the best time to begin optimizing is before the app even launches.

Establish a Strong Foundation

When you launch your app, it will begin indexing for keywords within the stores. Having a strong ASO foundation helps you efficiently index for as many relevant keywords as possible. By optimizing ahead of time, you’re ensuring that you’ll begin merchandizing for the keywords you want right out of the gate, rather than in later iterations.

This approach helps you reach your organic audience more quickly than if launched without an optimized store listing. It helps apps establish multiple keyword traffic funnels, whereas an app lacking optimization may have difficulty indexing for terms outside of its name.

Gain Market Insight

In addition to indexation, pre-optimization provides valuable market insights. While researching for pre-optimization, you will learn what features are popular in your app’s space. Identifying what terms users are searching for most can help you develop your product roadmap and design the app to focus on what users like.

Additionally, the pre-optimization research indicates what apps are currently controlling the market. You can understand what keywords they’re using and why, analyze their creative sets to determine what effective commonalities they share and what is appealing to users. That knowledge can help you position your app to stay competitive.

Getting Started

In order to pre-optimize your app, you’ll want to research your app’s space using an ASO platform. This means researching market trends as well as performing competitor analyses to determine the best strategies to take.

Start by looking up which keywords are related to your app’s features and what ones have high volume. This will indicate what terms to include in your keyword bank (including title and subtitle) and description, since these are the terms users are consistently searching for.

Once you know what terms to target, you can begin looking at what creative elements are trending in your space. This includes fonts, colors, characters or features the creative sets highlight, and even how handsets are featured in the images. This helps you identify what visual elements appeal to users, so you can utilize similar techniques and designs in your own creative sets.

This research helps you learn where your traffic should be coming from and what elements convert users. A key aspect of optimization is understanding what the best practices are, which includes identifying the most valuable keywords and utilizing the most effective designs. Without this knowledge, you’re just guessing and hoping for the best.

Once you have your insights, you’ll want to utilize them for designing your App Store listing. Design your metadata set – title, description, iOS subtitle and promotional text, Google Play short description – based around the insights you’ve gained. Use the most effective visual elements to design your creative set, including icon, screenshots and video. That pre-optimization will help your app start off on the right foot.


App Store Optimization is the key for staying competitive in a mobile landscape. Those about to enter the market will want to begin optimizing before launching their app, to ensure they can begin gaining installs as soon as possible.

There are a number of factors to consider when optimizing an app, but two core facets are the metadata and creatives. Developers should research their app’s market to understand what keywords and creative elements should be included to maximize visibility and conversion.

Pre-optimization can set an app to launch strong and only get stronger. Each iteration of an app’s store listing should build upon the success and insights of its previous versions, so starting with a pre-optimized app gives you a head start towards success.

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