Skillful app development is as crucial to a successful app business as the idea it revolves around. You may have a prolific app idea; all planned and ready to execute but without a talented app-developer it would be an intangible dream. While most business owners rely on recommendations of trusted friends and family to find great app developers for their business projects, they end up committing huge hiring fallacies. The truth of the matter is that no one developer can be labelled as ‘the best.’ The right app developer would understand your business and goals and develop a high-end app accordingly. Different developers can bring different skill sets to the app development project and thus need to be chosen carefully. Settle for a team of app developers who understands the cause and the project, has considerable experience and knowledge in handling similar assignments and who are willing to add distinct value to your mobile app development project. 

Find underneath a step by step on ‘ How to find great app developers?’

Step I: Clearly Define Business Needs And Goals

To find great app developers for your mobile app development project, you need to clearly define your own business needs and goals first. Only when you understand the needs of your own business would you be able to communicate it to the candidates you wish to collaborate with. Whether you are getting an app developed for an existing business or launching a new app start-up, you need to lay focus on brand image and creating first impressions respectively. 

Think about the specific challenges that your business project might face & choose a developer who can help you meet them easily. The complexity or simplicity of the app you desire will also determine the time and cost involved in the process. Bring in an app developer who comes with distinct expertise that is relevant to your app development project. You can also outsource the app development work to an app development company that brings in vivid app development and designing expertise. If you lack the technical knowledge involved in app development, you can get a professional recruiter to help you find a suitable app development company. A professional recruitment company is well versed with the nitty-gritty of mobile app development and can help you with filtering and interviewing of candidates that fit the bill. 

Step II: look for potential it experts/ mobile app developers

After pre-defining your business goals and needs, you can begin looking for befitting mobile app developers for your project. You need to deliberate about the ways you would look for mobile app developers. Look for app designers and developers locally, first. Hiring an app development company that functions locally; helps you omit language, time zone and cultural barriers that can arise when you work with teams from different geographical backgrounds. Industry events like conferences and meet-ups are a great way to get in touch with budding talent or leaders in the field. Such profession-centric events allow you to get a glance at the achievements of various app development teams and individuals, closely. You can network your way into a deal with any app developer you deem fit at such events. Online B2B directories are often a storehouse of tons of information about IT experts, their location, specialization and even ratings. Sometimes Tech centric blogs can help you find industry experts that are suitable for your project and have adequate credibility. Even if you plan to outsource your app development project to a team of qualified experts; countries like Russia, North America and even Poland are fore-runners. India also is a pioneer in offering budget appropriate quality app development solutions. 

Step III: analyze app development company’s portfolio

Most modern app developers and companies have an online portfolio in the form of websites. Closely scrutinize the portfolio and testimonial sections featured on these websites and see what things stand out in these projects and comments. Client testimonials on the company website and B2B directories help you uncover how responsive and credible is the app development company in question. You can even write in and ask for examples of projects they have worked on that closely resemble what you have in mind. Make it a point to note the variety of projects that your app development company has worked on in the past. Take a look at the services page of the website to know in what kind of services does the company excels at. Have a list of best mobile app development companies and carefully analyze each one of them. Also, jot down a few questions that can guide the decision-making process. Read case studies on the company’s official blog to get an insight into the technologies or programming tools they are using.

Step IV: sign NDA with shortlisted candidates

 Intellectual property theft can ruin your app project even before its onset. Before you share any project related details with shortlisted app development experts, make sure you sign Non-Disclosure Agreements with them. Industry veterans often include ‘Send me an NDA’ button on their website to showcase their transparency and honesty ethics. 

Step V: hire

Arrange for an in-person interview if the team of app developers you like is based in the same vicinity as you are. You can also settle for a Skype interaction if in-person interaction is not feasible for either of the parties. Hiring the right personnel begins with asking the right kind of questions, conducting thorough research and getting them to sign legal contracts. You know the company is the right fit for your development project if they come with a well-defined SDLC (software development life cycle), but are ready to re-adjust to accommodate your demands and needs. This ensures consistency and stability during the app development process. You should also inquire about project management frameworks and methodologies that the development firm swears by to optimize the whole development process. Choosing the right kind of methodologies and framework allows easy adaptation to changes, all while delivering the project in time. Clear- cut communication in the form of open orientations, calls upon request and demos are an essential component of thriving work culture and should reflect in your aspirant’s pitch. Clarify all controversial points well in advance. Look for candidates that promise honesty of operations, timely delivery and cost-effective execution of the app development project.


We hope we have been successful in guiding you on how to find great app developers. Hiring a great app developers means ending up with a great app product, and a great app is guaranteed to invite high traffic towards itself. You must discuss the possibility of high load well in advance with your development team and make provisions for tech stack, app server clones and manual code if the need arises. 

At Promatics Technologies, we believe no one size fits all. As a seasoned mobile app development company we follow agile methodology and choose technology frameworks based on the type of app that is to be developed. We have experience in developing successful mobile apps from scratch for several businesses. We have also had clients come to us with below-average app products, seeking makeovers to achieve success. App development is our passion and we are just a call away from solving your mobile app blues.