People have this regular mindset about the compatibility of a mobile app being reserved only with the big brands and companies, which have created a benchmark in the industry they belong to. These brands have ruled their industry and increased their further sales and profit by their exclusive apps to be available around the world.

But does that mean maintaining an app is only limited to a recognized brand? If you say yes, it is high time you change your perspectives. Apps mustn’t be reserved with only the notable brands and companies, instead, they must be opted by small business and start-ups, for the benefits are immense and good in the long run. There were 197 billion mobile app downloads in the year 2017. Now that we have stated the obvious, you must be wondering about the ways in which app developers and apps actually play a notable role in the development of start-ups and small businesses. Here is a detailed explanation of every aspect.

The present scenario

The small brands are also taking an interest in app development as they feel the importance of it. The total app downloads have jumped from 149 billion (in 2016) to 197 billion (in 2017) and is expected to jump to a stunning 352 billion. According to a report by Statista, during the period of 2016-2018, an average of 6,140 mobile apps were released to the public through google play on a daily basis.

Everyone being a regular user of various apps is aware of the fact that apps provide a better and seamless experience. Why? Because the apps are build in that particular way and have such nature by default. According to a survey done by Salesforce, up to 70% of the buying experiences are influenced by how customers feel they are been treated.  The first target of the organizations should be a smoothly performing website, which must be followed by plans of implementing the same in the form of an app because apps have the ability to take the seamless user experience to the next level.

Do you know how the app developers can actually make a change in your sales strategy? Since more than 2.6 billion people have access to Smartphone, the developer integrates all the features in the app, which helps them know the wants of the customers in the first place. This can especially be a great directing for the start-ups and small businesses because including features like content and mobile devices, functionality, and navigation will actually give a significant boost to the deserving firm or venture. If you are capable of rendering the perfect services, keeping the communication and engagement with the customers strong, you will go places in no time.

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How can a start-up or small business actually implement this step?

Common hindrance for a start-up or a small business always ought to be its resources, which are limited. Often the charge for developing a mobile application is high, given the hours of labour put by a mobile application development company. The challenges being constant, there are high chances of benefits, if the app is actually built with precession and a strategy.

Organizations that have fewer employees working under them often find it hard to keep up with the idea of developing a mobile app or to hire app developers. This is because an app requires an organization’s time and money, which is often difficult for small organizations to fulfill. Therefore, some of the companies often rely on an in-house team to develop their app for they try outsourcing the same from a relevant organization. According to, mobile apps contribution to the Black Friday sale was 35.4% last year.

Now, if we take the numerical figures into consideration, the cost of mobile app development services and the cost required to build an app is unbelievably high. The base rate or the minimum spent by an organization to help build a perfect app is $20,000 and may move up to the price of $100,000. For some of the special requirements which few companies have, they spend even more than $100,000. It is obviously a lot for a small business or start-up to only have spent on an app.

Given the price barrier, the companies cannot avail of an app for less than 10,000. You cannot wide up the app for less than that as it would absolutely be wastage of the money spent along with the app. This is when the companies choose to actually go for an in-house development team.

An in-house team might be good use in this case as they are working personnel in the company and they are well-equipped with all the necessary information of the company, including the goals and strategies of the company, which makes it easy to develop an app with low price. But this comes at a cost, and the cost is the outstanding performance of the staff who is assigned with the task. They have to work on the app brilliantly in order to make it as effective as any other app created by professional app developers, including the iPhone app developers, who are professionals in the field. If you are positive and your employees have a lot of experience and knowledge, you may opt for an in-house team, but you need to know the struggle is real to actually make the app of such great integration and level.

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App developers are an option

If you feel your organization lacks the skills required to build up an effective app, you may always outsource and hire app development firms. You might be having mixed views regarding outsourcing but it is actually the best option to go for. This is because here we are talking about the expertise and strong guidance which will be availed from the professionals working for us. They are precisely the best personnel for the job, given the experience they have in the field. 

Figure out the needs and requirements of your organization, in terms of a mobile app and you need to get in contact with the outsourced firm to meet your requirements.


You can always choose to go for an in-house team, which depends upon the availability of the expertise in your team. But you need to know that it takes a lot of work and professionalism to actually build an effective app with the competition which prevails in the industry and on applications. Expertise will take you a long way and will give you more than the return you expect from a mobile app. Some of the benefits include brand creation and visibility, better online experience, great returns and a perfect marketing tool for your business.

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